The Catholic Hippie

Catholic… Faith Applied Universally. Hippie… Living Opposed to Current Culture.

2 Responses to “Political Discernment”

  1. Mom Says:

    What can I say that I haven’t said for all of the 35 yrs. that I’ve been “blessed” to hear your views & opinions on all subjects.
    Stay with your faith, live it, be an example. Like the saying goes ” actions speak louder than words.”
    Love You,

  2. kaceeKacee Says:

    You’ve found another. Came here via Googling “Seamless Garment” and something else…already forget. Oh, yes, “hippie!” Just wrote about this: titled “When you meet a kindred spirit.” We’re really not alone! Although when I am anywhere, including online media, I definitely feel incredibly, utterly alone.

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